While repairing historic stained glass, we strive to maintain as much of the original fabric as possible while restoring the structural integrity and aesthetics.

Read more below about our process, and see examples in our Conservation Gallery.

Identify The Problem

Our experienced craftsmen understand how the different components work together and what it takes to resolve an issue. We can provide an easy to read, detailed report and help develop a long-term maintenance program.

Lead Matrix

The backbone of a window that holds everything together.

Leadlight Cement

The material between the glass and lead, referred to as cement, is the weatherproofing component of a stained glass window and also plays a key structural role.


The other components work together in harmony to protect the windows’ most valuable and exciting element.

Support Steel

Steel bars provide lateral support to a window and keep it from buckling and deflecting.

Protective Glazing

If sealed without proper ventilation, this popular insurance plan against weather and physical impact can actually be harmful to the stained glass. Learn more about PG ›

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